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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Check this out.
Unnatural warm weather has the crop going crazy, its only been 2 weeks!!

silly Celery 
Beautiful Baby Spinach
Crazy baby Carrots

Winter lettuce lunacy.

Tantalising Tomato 

Basil Bonanza 

Rosy Rosemary

First winter produce pick.

Sunday, 6 August 2017


OK, At long last I am back into my gardening reporting.
I have cleaned out the garden pods of old and have planted some new Veggies & Herbs.

Watering in the plants.

I planted a new rosemary bush.

New seedlings including Cherry tomato bush, new basil, celery,
Baby carrots & Lettuce.

I still have Spinach, spring onion & Strawberries from the
last planting going strong.

New Basil planted. 

New baby carrots.

And Celery, Yum.

Hopefully all my new Planting with shoot up quickly .
I can't wait to use my new produce.
Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Cabbage Creation.

Hi all, It's been very hot in the land down under.
I am in the process of replanting my summer garden.
It's been too hot to plant new seedlings.
Finally it's cooled down to 30deg or less instead of 30-40.
I have made some tasty Mince chow Mien with the last of my Cabbage.

In goes the sugarloaf cabbage with a few other veg.
Stir Fry to make it tasty.And add the spices .

And there you have it !
Very tasty Mince Chow Mien.